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Go thud nao? Aug. 13th, 2008 10:28 pm
Blimey I'm beat.

Finally got back on the wall tonight with shrikeh; climbed a 4 like I'd forgotten how my limbs work, climbed it again rather more elegantly, did a 5 more smoothly, did one or two more including a very feature-rich 5 on a sculpted wall that involved all sort of swinging, hanging, runningjumpingclimbingtrees and was just generally fun. Then to the pub to banter about Eve, Ian Banks and Pratchett in an airy garden while drinking decent cider.

Really a rather good evening. Plus I managed, with minimal hassle, to find & buy a well-fitting harness (Petzl Adjama).

Also had a very pleasant evening on Monday night; dinner with souldier_blue; the company was delightful even if the food was decidedly mixed.

Now I fall over go sleep, because I'm only just getting my sleep schedule back on track, and it ain't there yet.

Probably climbing again Sunday; planning to visit sister & niece Saturday.