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Oh you little *BASTARD*

Have just spent the last few hours trying to get Apache to run on this XP-laptop. I *know* it works, because it worked perfectly (pause for abject terror at "collision course" (the film) and "Heat" (the mag) adverts) the day I got the laptop. http://localhost, and all that jazz, yeah?

Now it doesn't work. It just says
"[error] (32538)An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket. : winnt_accept: AcceptEx failed. Attempting to recover."
rather a lot in error_log.

A search on google groups would appear to indicate that error 32528 happens when something's taken the place of the standard socket library without implementing full functionality. Guess who installed McAfee Firewall a while back?

Bloody load of crap. I *hope* that removing it will fix the error.

On the PC front - the suspicious HDD is working like a dream in the other box, so I can only assume that it's the IDE controlled on the K6-2 motherboard that's died. So, replace the MB? Can't get MBs for anything below a Duron. Replace the MB and CPU? Wrong memory type. Replace the MB, CPU, and memory? PSU, rated at 235W, probably won't be adequate. Replace the MB, CPU, memory, and PSU/Case? Can do, local PC shop does a kit for £140 + VAT. Seems a bit much to spend though, I've been rupturing cash recently and I am, after all, unemployed (actually I'm still on PILON). Get a PCI-IDE card? No-one seems to know which you can boot Linux from - if any are actually either linuxable or bootable. Anf they seem to cost 30 to 50 anyway, which seems disproportionate against the upgrade kit.

Gods, but geek life's fun, innit?

Time for dinner. Thence to KSR, because I'm *BORED* out of my wits with jobhunting, moving somewhat slowly due to the nasty little skin tear in my leg.


Update: removed McAFW:
If you can see this, it means that the installation of the Apache web server software on this system was successful. You may now add content to this directory and replace this page...

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