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Unemployment is *boring*. I've read far too many new O'Reilly and Sams books recently; I need summat else to do. Occasional image tweaking is one option; diving back into the Irish is another (language, not whisk(e)y (yes I know that's heresy, I can't remember which spelling's which)). Sketching can sit on the back shelf a while, I think I'll try and work more on digital imagery for a while.

Party tonight; a Good Thing, once I find where it is. Alcohol, people, etc. On which note I could have sworn there was An Occurence imminent in London, but both my brane and email are denying this. Still, must get down there sometime, catch up with people... And BiCon soon, which should be interesting, esp the painty bits ;)

This CD ain't half bad. Not quite sure how I managed to pick up a Down II album instead of a Disturbed album tho... ewps. Might take it back tomorrow, drop into Borders, pick up some digital photgraphy mags... another party tomorrow, hope I'll be awake for Em's arrival sunday ;)

Calling Tuesday, I shall be attending, no really. Might even give the leggings some exercise, if I can find a suitable top.

Must work out what else to do next week... and possibly thereafter...

Bloody tech slump.

Hrm... anyone seen my appetite?
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