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Read, and Guess Dec. 18th, 2001 11:37 am
So far this week, I've finished reading The Celtic Shaman, read the whole of The Ethical Slut, and read the whole of RFC 2326 with 2327 to follow. Some of all of this makes sense, and I've even learnt from it. Some of it, especially coupled with the general work atmosphere, makes none, and gives a feeling of intense wibble. And some of it leads to more, and interesting, questions.

As ever the sexual/religious paths progress together, with a general theme of "gather information from all the sources you can, try and figure which has been twisted (deliberately or otherwise) by societal and/or christian prejudice, and intuit the missing bits". Life, it would seem, is an educated guess. And the pattern from work (where I've decided that career progression can be scored by the proportion of time spent reading specs rather than actually coding) seems functional - make notes, write down the questions, read more, see what you can answer yourself, see what you can bounce off other people. All takes up improbable amounts of time, though.

Wibble complete - back to 2327.