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*@#!!$@#! Feb. 4th, 2002 04:18 pm
Looks like this is the start of my bike troubles, not the end... Howes replaced the front forks and the front mech, but what I thought would be a simple brake-trimming operation has turned nasty - the rear brake cable has evidently become damaged and can't be adjusted, so it needs replacing - I have spare gear cable but not brake - so I need to go shopping before I can fix it - which I can't do at this time on a Sunday. I can't use the parts of my vandalised bike as the scum cut *all* the cables on it. Basically I'm screwed without a bike, so it's time to get *both* bikes back to full working order to avoid this problem again. Which will cost money, the shopping list looking a bit like:

Bike 1

  • Brake cables x 3
  • Cable nipples
  • Canti brake bridge x 2 (just in case)
  • Tyre valve covers
  • Tyres x2

And about a half-day to fix it all, preferably a moderately dry, bright one.

Bike 2

  • Brake cable outers (front section) x 2
  • Gear cable outers (front section) x 2
  • Saddle
  • Saddle shim (stem dim is 30.9)
  • Aheadset (or similar)
  • Headset riser
  • Handlebars
  • V-Breake levers, set of 2
  • 8-speed EZfire shifters, set of 2
  • V-brake bridge
  • Cateye front light mount
  • Cateye ultrabright rear LED

And that's probably a few days work for an unskilled labourer like myself. Urgh.