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Busy day yesterday, left me pretty much exhausted. I was in two minds about going to the Calling, but went anyway, as I'd told a few people I'd be there.

I still felt pretty tired once I got there, and was wondering if I'd made the right call. Dozed against a wall for a while, and realised that it really didn't matter - I was among friends, more so than I'd ever been before I came to Cambridge - people who'd keep an eye on me and take an interest. Someone's probably reading this and saying "Well *duh*", but it's still something of a realisation for me ;)

Got hugs, scritches (and more ;) from various people, including feanelwa (who discovered another weak spot I didn't how I had), duranorak, wildeabandon and nisaba, who very nearly convinced me to stay ;) But I was falling asleep on my feet, and needed to crash out before I fell over...

Apologies to anyone I didn't get to say "hi" or "bye" to, and thanks to all for a very pleasant, if sleepy, night :)
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