Grin with cat attached (wechsler) wrote,
Grin with cat attached


just a few thoughts while I cool off before going to bed - it was distinctly warm in the KSR, and, despite the suggestion of the lovely wildeabandon, I really didn't think taking off all my clothes there and then was the best solution. I'll swear she thinks I'm some sort of tart, I've no idea why ;)

And does anyone else think that the music's just getting stupidly loud in there? I can't hear myself being scritched ;)

Anyhow, today was distinctly autumnal, pleasantly windy and with fallen leaves (and conkers) starting to appear. A lot's changed for me in the last couple of months - I've lost one job, gained another, and become significantly more self confident for starters. Plus, I'll soon be cycling over 10 miles a day, which should get me really fit. Actually, that's probably going to be the biggest challenge of this new job, and one which requires nothing more that getting up a touch earlier. Hopefully if the jobs's as interesting as it looks to be, there won't be quite such a serious loathing-to-get-up in the morning.

Life has a lot of potential right now. I'm happy :)
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