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Right... Sep. 28th, 2002 09:58 pm
Wine good... but it's gone to my head so I can't vouch for the coherence of this one...

This post is mainly for my own notes; although it contains information of interest to cybergoths and whoever I was talking to about off-road unicycling recently.

Today, as previously noted, I went to the International Cycle Show and have returned with sore feet and a bagful of literature.

The day started with my body issuing a violent reaction to getting up at 7 for the sixth day running; nevertheless I managed to get out of bed, and reach the station in perfect time for the 9:31, which got me to the venue just before 11.

The map provided in the guidebook completely failed to make sense to me (mainly because the London Design Centre is a very odd shape) so I just headed for somewhere to sit down and eat the snack I'd brought with me, as I was feeling distinctly woozy, a theme which was to continue much of the day.

First stall I saw thereafter was Indicator (aka Goude) (most of whose products aren't on that rather poor website. Their product range essentially consists of compact, flexible, flashy LED systems that can be attached to any article of clothing. One of the newer ones (see the gloves page for an idea, if not the actual product) is a strip linking a metal bracelet to a finger ring, with flashy LEDS on the strip and a switch on the ring... Now, this looks like a real Cybergoth toy to me... anyone interested? He'd love to hit that market too...
(I can scan the leaflet if anyone's interested).

Opposite that, Trailbreak, with many routes, rides, and lemmings... Behind them, some storage company I can't remember the name of, most embarrased as his security anchor had been pinched...

Then Airnimal, who make some lovely (Burrows-designed) high-end folding bikes.
Opposite them, Adriabike, who do some interesting-looking cycling holidays in Italy.
Wandered through various odds and ends - claims management, magentic pain relief...
TACX ergotrainers looked good, but didn't feel up to the exertion of trying them out...
Talked to Trans Pennine Trail crew instead - nice new path coming up there. I think they said they were redoing their site... as were most people I spoke to ;)
Then PTC Universal T/A Ecolatch (lightweight Q/R style bike wall hangers)
Bikefix were in the corner IIRC, unmarked on the map, with a wonderful range of recumbents and so on. Mike Burrows was lurking there, probably hiding from the UCI...

WD40 were giving away free samples, and apparently have a hand-cleaner that can get bike gunk off hands... must check Halfords...
Some company selling rear-view helmets were there, and told me I really should wear a helmet... I told them they were talking to the wrong person. They didn't like that... I told them I wasn't going to argue and they could go read the website.
Opposite them Mosquito Bikes (local shop) with whom I'd had some previous correspondance.
On the corner, Bromley Video, with a large and interesting stock of cycling books, videos and DVDs.
Evans Cycles were the last one in that room, and ISTR they said that they'd seen the website. They had an interesting anti-dive front suspension system, but frm what I could tell, that'd cost more than both my bikes combined, as yet.

Picked up a Cycle show t-shirt on the way out of there, as they were black and simple ;)

Then onto the mezzanine...
Now I've got to work out what RBS Perfomance Equipment were making... none of the map names relate to what was actually on display... Ah, Cyclists Biometric systems...
Some of the next batch were making various weird/wonderful electric-assist bikes. the City Mantis on the SLDUK (Sport and Leisure) stand taking pride of place in the unwalkpastable stakes. Also Infineon

Then Pashley. Pashley are interesting, not least because of the MTB Unicycles. I'd always associated Pashley with shoppers and delivery bikes, but apparently they've diversified massively since a management buyout a few years back, and now make a vast range of bikes from special needs to recumbents.

Then Cycle Works - the only "Oh... so... *you're* $realname" moment, but it was amusing... I've been on the same email discussion group as Peter for about 8 years, so he kinda knew who I was ;)
Cycle works make bike stands and storage systems (both industrial duty and home-level), and seem to be doing a decent task of promoting them to councils and so on.

Opposite him (hopefully taking some hints), were TfL (Transport for London), who were displaying some remarkably balanced info in a large stand, which led through to another area.

There I found the National Byway, which always makes me think of Hovis, because the logos look identical... This is a national circuit, designed as a long-distance heritage/tourism route, which looks like a very well-focussed, interesting project.

The opposite to the Association of Cycle Traders, where I was able to find info on cycle maintenance NVQs that I recently been asked about...
Adjacent: National Cycling Strategy, who promised to try and find out what had happened to the DfT's press release system. Then, Cycle Aid- more accident claim services.
Finally in that row: Country Lanes franchised cycle holiday providers.

Opposite: Sustrans (I know most of their stuff anyway) and CTC - fairly flash stand, and it looks like their Cycle Cover insurance and recovery could be rather good services - they don't have all the catch-clauses than similar services do.

Blimey... I'll have to write the rest of this up tomorrow. No wonder I felt knackered afterwards...