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Cycle show part two Sep. 29th, 2002 11:15 am
Owww... morning...owww

Moving into the next room, I met another guy I'd had vague dealings with in the past - Peter Eland of Velovision (and previously BQC), a high-quality magazine dealing with some of the less common types of bikes. Finally subscribed to it!

Next to his stall, It's In The Bag - bike storage/transport bags.
Somehow managed to miss the National Studio Cycling Register opposite.
Singletrack (a web-to paper magazine conversion) had a decent stall there too, so they must be doing OK.

Opposite them, the Weird Invention corner - shaft-drive bicycles and steering locks. Not really convinced by either.

Back onto the mezzanine: more cycle coaching Train smart, as well as IPC and Future Publishing. British Cycling (formerly known as BCF) had quite a large stall.

An interesting smaller company in the corner: the "mobility solutions" company A>>B (not to be confused with a2b, whose stall I unfortunately missed) also make some interesting cycle-slogan T-shirts. Not in black, unfortunately :/

Round on the other side of the mezzanine, the Metropolitan Police and London Ambulance Service had combined stalls manned by their cycling squads. The Met were in two groups; one officer (from the Transport Police, IIRC) in standard uniform and the others (City of London Police) in specialised "Pacific Blue" style police cycling gear; all on seriously solid MTBs, with a gadget level *almost* as high as mine ;) These guys are fast, effective, and proud of it, and are agitating for more properly equipped cycling police officers both in the capital and all over the country,

The LAS paramedic was similarly well dressed and equipped, but with enough medical equipment to cater to most emergencies - and the wheels to get him there fast in the Covent Garden area the bike patrol cover. Apparently their response times are 2-3 minutes, compared to 15 mins by ambulance (according to BikePark).

Along the last stretch of mezzanine, some truly weird and wonderful bikes - bikes made of transparent polycarbonate sheet and wood (by i-cycle), and a bike with a regenerative braking system. Therafter, the Danlite running light (coming soon) - interesting idea.

Shower now, part III later.