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So far today... Oct. 7th, 2002 11:37 am
I've managed an average speed of 15.3mph cycling in.
I've updated the search index on the RN's website.
I've burned about 3 debian install CDs.
I've also burned 256MB of G3 RAM.
And I've downloaded YaxJournal. Which looks distinctly k3wl ;)

Much of the weekend, conversely, was spent tidying the flat, including the dreaded Closet Of Doom ™ - in which were discovered more spare bits of bike and computer than anyone has any real right to own. It's now alarmingly organised. Also swapped the tyres on my Terratrax for 1.5" slicks, and it now goes like the clappers. I've determined that the terratrax is now a road bike, and the rockhopper a street bike. Both are great fun ;)

Oh and I beat valkyriekaren at scrabble last night ;)