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I shouldn't do these when I've been drinking Feb. 7th, 2002 08:07 pm

Which British Band Are You?

From: zotz
Date: February 8th, 2002 - 08:16 am (Link)

I'm the Manics, apparently. It's very sure of this - I went back and changed all my answers, and I was still the Manics.

That's about right, actually - ten years ago I was bursting with energy, and now I'm a clapped-out old has-been.

From: eviltwinemma
Date: February 15th, 2002 - 02:04 pm (Link)
Completely unlike the manics, however, your current movements interest me greatly. You should come round and be fed some time.
From: zotz
Date: February 16th, 2002 - 06:26 am (Link)

Sounds good. I believe I have a couple of bottles of wine languishing somewhere . . .