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Being run over is selfish - official Feb. 8th, 2002 12:09 pm
Just in case I wasn't feeling enough contempt and loathing for our government today, the DTLR comes out with a press release that sets new lows in victim-blaming.

The Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions is today launching a thought-provoking new advert aimed at alerting teenagers to the serious dangers of being run over.

The advert, aimed mostly at 12-15 year olds, shows the impact of the death of a teenager on his family, friends and girlfriend. Statistics show that being run over is the biggest cause of death for young people in that age group.

The 50 second advert will be shown in cinemas across Great Britain from tonight until May. It is the first part of a million pound campaign which will include radio and poster advertising.

Transport Minister David Jamieson said:

"Too many teenagers are being killed and injured each year as pedestrians on the roads. Last year 70 teenage pedestrians were killed and over 9,000 injured.
"This advert is aimed directly at teenagers, particularly those in their early teens where most of the deaths and injuries occur. It looks at the impact of a child's death from the victim's viewpoint and shows some of the effects on those close to him. I hope young people will be able to identify with this and keep road safety in mind, every time they are out.
"We have chosen this time of year to launch the advert as the weather will start to get warmer and the evening's lighter. Young people are particularly at risk when they are out socialising with their friends or visiting places."