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... Oct. 27th, 2002 05:06 pm
I'm starting to feel more like myselves again, something which I, whatever public opinion, consider to be a Good Thing. I slept through to 10 this morning (GMT doesn't start until I've managed to round up all the clocks in the house the next day) and have had the vague feeling of having overslept, all day. Although it could just be from sleeping in the fumes of re-dyed hair.

Today has consisted of watching valkyriekaren play Rayman, listening to the occasional alarmed squeal from the UPS (no, not from Karen) as the power drops, and watching my RSS reader pop up new dialogue boxes as the BBC update their headlines:

Three dead as gales batter UK
Four dead as gales batter UK
Five dead as gales batter UK
Six dead as gales batter UK

interspersed with news on how many hostages the russian military killed with the as-yet unnamed gas. Imbeciles.

Now taking the afternoon to myself - I've found that having time by myself on Sunday afternoons is what I need to feel suitably in control of my life. (I deal with people far better than I used to, but I'm still a solitary beast at heart).

Of course, such time generally just gets used sorting paper or doing the laundry., but it still helps.

Whitby soon - and feeling far more like it. Just need some people to fill the spare spaces in the rental car so I can spend their share of the costs on clothes ;)

Am now downloading Moz1.2b and staring out of the window at an alarmingly dark 5pm.