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Timeshifted Oct. 27th, 2002 09:44 pm
Samhain approaches. Time to make my new year's resolutions to a new schedule.

Except that I got distracted: http://www.livejournal.com/users/wechsler/friendsfriends
Not entirely surprising, as I'm feeling jetlagged (which in itself is odd).

I was supposed to be looking at my calendar view. Right. Here it is.

  1. Get Organised! (should make the rest easier).

  2. Balance my need for space with my friends' and partners' needs for communication.

  3. Eat better (and stop making excuses).

  4. Get more exercise.

  5. Work out how to best direct my campaigning energies.

  6. Tie up last year's loose ends.

  7. Keep buying more good music! (eg FBH, Chumbawumba)

  8. Try to put the right year in dates before the end of the month.

  9. And possibly even find time for playing music and drawing.

  1. Yeah, not bad.

  2. I think I've got this worked out now.

  3. Pretty good, need to up the fruit and veg a bit. (note lack of comma)

  4. 55 miles/week by bike enough? ;)

  5. Poured most of them into UKC, which is now running itself pretty well and requires a lot less additional coding, just maintenance. I've also joined/contacted a lot of other groups and have my finger rather more on the pulse.

  6. Heh. Me and my euphemisms. No, not yet, that takes time.

  7. Yep, just need an MP3 player to put them on now ;)

  8. I probably did ;)

  9. Not really - I've sold the WX11 (and will give the buyer payment details eventually, honest ;) as it wasn't getting used; I think I've now got my week sorted enough that I can concentrate on language and drawing.

So what's new?

  • Recognise my real strengths. That I am, and will remain, a geek with a love of problem-solving. That I'm not a great coder, but have far more potential in web dev and systems admin.

  • Recognise my identity, which is, in many people's form of reckoning, odd. Feline anthro, two-minded, but minds that work very well together and are powerful. Learn about the strengths of this second self.

  • Realise that I'm not that old yet. Enjoy life at my own level without worrying about pointless societal expectations.

  • Spend more time with my friends, and get to know a lot of them far better.

  • Think very carefully about writing a book on cycling, not for publication, but to be made available on the site.

There may be more later. But for now, let's see how the next week goes. ("Busy" is a safe bet)