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Now what?

Two more days of work, which are likely to be fairly heavy. Then a long drive up to Whitby. Somewhere in the middle I need to clean myself up and pack my clothes, plus the tickets (as far as I can figure that's all I need to take).

Of course there's still a Calling in the middle, one I'd planned to go to. But I still don't know if I'm fully recovered yet, and wearing myself out this week isn't a good plan. A relaxed week, on the other hand, would give me a good run-up to Whitby.

Right now, however, I'm feeling somewhat tired and at a loose end. I suspect the best plan right now might be to start making a list of clothes etc. But I'm more inclined to go curl up in bed.

This job is just too mentally tiring.

I can't even remember what I own.... when the hell did I last even get gothed up?

Updated update:
Quite a lot apparently... I'm gonna have to decide what to leave behind, I think.
I feel like a real goth now ;)
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