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Oookay... Nov. 4th, 2002 05:48 pm
5 days away and 270 new entries in the friends list. Blimey ;)

I shall be skimming these at Ludicrous Speed after this post. If there's anything it's essential I see, comment below.

Right, so what happened? (quick summary)

Thursday - woke up, finished packing, picked up the car. This was a Ford Modeo, which was a bloody overpowered, overspecified great tank. Six speed windscreen wipers, hidden features galore (the bonnet release is under a hidden panel), and a front wash button that I completely failed to find. Gah.

Picked up Karen, John and Dan, and set off. Easy journey, just one stop, although I wasn't feeling 100%. The trip over the moors is a lot easier when you've done it before.

Checked into the hotel - pleasant enough, just off the Crescent, but we were on the top (4th?!?) floor. As if Whitby doesn't have enough steps anyway.

Friday night - mild gothery in the Elsi, acting as a human lyric sheet for Rome Burns (who will, I'm told, be getting all the lyrics from the next album printed on T-shirts so Simon can have a line of goths in front of the stage as a cue sheet). Stomach was too fukt to drink though, so headed off early and left Karen to play ;)

Woke up for brekkie on Friday (that's the problem with hotels, you have to get up early if you need food in the mornings) and found a Karen. Stomach was having a Bad Day, but a good dose of the sight and sound of the sea calmed it for a while. Made it to the bazaar and picked up a few things, from the goth to the plain daft. Unfortunately my stomach was back in open revolt by lunchtime, and by the time I'd had dinner it was obvious that trying to party in that state just wasn't going to work. As such I went to bed while Karen partied, in the hope I'd be functional next day.

Unsurprisingly I woke up rather before Karen, and wandered down to the Spa again. In fact I wandered straight past it and went to sit on a large rock on the beach for some undefined length of time. This was interrupted by a black Labrador trying to dig up me and the rock. Odd creature.

At that point the tide was coming in, so I wandered up to the Spa to see what was new at the Bazaar. Not much, really, but I still managed to spend *some* money ;) Saturday, in fact, went a hell of a lot better than Friday, and I even made it to the event. At which I looked vaguely like this.

No, the rubber catsuit didn't make an apperance, for which I was much complained at. Can't win 'em all.

Enjoyed the evening but still wasn't feeling at my best, and my body packed up totally at around 11:30, so I went back to bed.

Next morning (Sunday), it seems it was Karen's turn to feel under the weather, and I didn't see her until about 1:30pm. Spent the morning wandering around Whitby taking many pictures, as it was a glorious day, heading out onto the pier and up to the Abbey,
The evening was spent gingerly testing my recovered stomach's tolerance for alcohol. Not too bad, actually. Took a doze and headed out for dinner at the Magpie Cafe (excellent food, great price, thoroughly recommended), then back to the. Where there were FISH! snakes, and leopardprint. *wibble* *brainfritz*.

Doesn't sound like we missed anything by not going to Sexy Sunday or the 80's night, by all accounts.

Woke up bright-ish and early today, good brekky, gorgeous weather and a very smooth drive home.

Photos are still uploading. I must get a cablemodem... Once they're uploaded (they'll be here) I shall start adding captions, If anyone wants to be able to add their own comments (ie, people I *know*), you'll need to create an account on that site and give me you username there in a comment here.

Now I'm gonna go skim my friends list.

From: duranorak
Date: November 4th, 2002 - 11:11 am (Link)
You are very very very beautiful. ~hugs~ I'm glad you had a good time, and things.

Pretty photos! Yay!