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I'll say 'Aaah', and you can look... Nov. 10th, 2002 07:27 pm
They say everyone has a book inside them. I have suspicions of two.

One is a book on cycling, which I supposedly Know Stuff About. This would follow the mandate of UKC and just be posted there in chapter segments as content.

The other would be a novel. Probably about him or someone very like him. The way to discover my other self may well be to fictionalise him and see what he has to say.

Perhaps (un)fortunately, I've missed (I)NaNoWriMo, so timescales are open.

I know I'm being very verbose today. I tend to think when left unattended. Yes, it's probably unhealthy.

Since this is a foolish project of loose aims and uncertain schedule, I've naturally given it a livejournal. Well, it worked for Infinite Penguins. Not.

(Actually that's not true - I ended up putting all the IP5 stuff in my own journal. So never mind.)

From: furrylemming
Date: November 10th, 2002 - 01:51 pm (Link)
I've added that journal to my friends list. It seems to be the season for such thing, was thinking of doing something similar myself, although I don't have the livecrack available that you do *grin* Incidentally, there's a book I might like to send you.... how do you like prose?
From: wechsler
Date: November 10th, 2002 - 11:33 pm (Link)
I don't have the livecrack available that you do
If you need spare codes, lemme know ;)

how do you like prose?</li>
Gently marinaded with a side order of duchessse potatoes.
More seriously, that's a rather open question, it's a bit like asking me if I like music... details?
From: furrylemming
Date: November 11th, 2002 - 10:54 am (Link)
If you have a code to spare, then yes please :) No need to worry about who it's for, because it's for me... hmmm.... well no need to worry too much anyway *grin*

Good point on the prose. I've been writing a review for a highly thought provoking book that's written entirely in prose, and was wondering how you felt about a whole book full of it...
From: wechsler
Date: November 11th, 2002 - 11:21 am (Link)
Nice username ;)
From: furrylemming
Date: November 11th, 2002 - 12:53 pm (Link)
thank you for the chance to use it :) I want 'here ended my struggle with words' to be carved on my gravestone when I die - so many languages, so few words that seem to fit...
From: gothmoomin
Date: November 11th, 2002 - 07:38 am (Link)

Just wandered in through a random spy of journals and their friends!

I like your choice of journal design by the way, tis cool.

I signed up for NaNoWriMo myself but missed it too - though I did this consciously. I think it was the fear that I wouldn't be able to do it that stopped me.

I want to write so much but fear always gets in the way which I obviously must get over. I hope you get your inspiration!

I enjoy writing in my journal as a substitute for novel writing at the moment! :P