To sleep, perchance to dream - Grin with cat attached
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To sleep, perchance to dream Nov. 16th, 2002 11:44 am
Slept about 11 hours last night, including a brief shag-break, and how have a serious oversleep headache. Which is, however, receding.

The stars were bright last night. I saw Orion and, as ever, felt recharged by it. I think the cat knows something about Orion that I don't.

Dreamt a somewhat odd dream this morning; I was on holiday (I think with my family) in what I first assumed to be Whitby, but was in fact somewhat larger. We were staying in a flat in a clifftop house, which afforded fine views of the sea, and the headland (which appeared to correspond to Whitby's piers) which held, at various times, a castle, cathedral, and library. I was trying to take as many photos as possible of this incredible scenery with my little digicam.

The sea was the focus of the dream, generally an astoundingly beautiful deep blue against a perfect bright sky, with a stunning pattern of waves breaking offshore and on a small rock. The sea was some way below the flat, but occasionally would rise up in vast, almost tsunami-like breakers that would smash against the cliff and erupt to the height of the flat window and above. On one occasion the wave itself was so high that I had to quickly close the window through which I was about to take a picture. After that, the sea was no longer deep blue, but a densely sand-laden yellow, which slowly settled back towards its original colour.
Also after this point, water started dripping into the flat from the corner of the ceiling.

In trying to photograph the land-based scenery, I was presented with even more challenges. As I raised the camera, I would find the view-finder useless and blurred, although I seemed disinclined to use the LCD panel. Lowering it again, the object I was attempting to photograph would have changed or moved. The castle, a stunning ruin of yellow rock, was the trickiest for this. As I moved from the flat to try and get a better angle on it, it would remain behind trees or some otehr building, and then, suddenly, just as I had an ideal shot, night fell. Like a brick; one moment it was a clear, bright day, then the next it was starlit night; but brightly enough lit that I thought it might still take. Unfortunately at the point I raised the camera again the castle vanished.

As did my trousers.

After that point it all got very silly and I soon decided to wake up. Although it did take me a while to determine dreaming from reality.

And I think my head's recovering now.