December 25th, 2001 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

December 25th, 2001

So this is Christmas...

... so why am I updating my LJ? Because I'm at my family's place and they're all watching TV again - The Lost World this time. Not my preferred way to spend time, unless I'm cuddled up with someone cute. Still, it's pleasant to spend some relaxed time with them - they take xmas only slightly more seriously than I do, although the food was, as ever, excellent and copious.

Watched an amusing film last night - Chocolat, a lovely commentary on excess social adherence - quite why my mother chose it I'm not sure. Certainly it's her sort of film, but I sometimes get the feeling that my family are either humouring my strangeness or trying to show their own non-conformity. Not that I care too much, it had Johnny Depp in it looking extremely cute and displaying a gorgeous irish lilt, although I didn't feel overly inclined to note this in front of the family ;)

That said, they're proving hard to judge; I decided to wear my black leather trousers today, and expected at least a couple of dischuffed looks, but not for my mother to admire them and be vaguely envious. Distinctly amusing - I have to admit they're good people although I won't rush to tell them any more of my divergences from the social norm.

Yes I know that was a boring entry, it's the pleasant atmosphere here rubbing off on me ;)

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