January 2nd, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

January 2nd, 2002

There goes another one

Well, 2001 is well gone, and with an astounding number of people saying "Thank f**k that's over". I don't think I remember a year that people have been quite so glad to see the back of, but still, there seems to be a general air of hopefulness for the next one. Personally I expect it to be very interesting.

I spent my last moments of 2001 at a party (after the obligatory fall-off-my-bike-in-the-snow) at valkyriekaren's house looking vaguely like this (but generally more drunk). A very fine way to end a year. Actually it's my second "New Year" in 2 months, but a lot's happened since Samhain.

In any case - resolutions...

  • Get Organised! (should make the rest easier).
  • Balance my need for space with my friends' and partners' needs for communication.
  • Eat better (and stop making excuses).
  • Get more exercise.
  • Work out how to best direct my campaigning energies.
  • Tie up last year's loose ends.
  • Keep buying more good music! (eg FBH, Chumbawumba)
  • Try to put the right year in dates before the end of the month.
  • And possibly even find time for playing music and drawing.
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