January 24th, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

January 24th, 2002


Tescos.com offer you a choice of two-hour delivery windows. You'd think this would be wide enough for them to hit, but no, it takes another hour for them to show. Still, it finally gets delivered, with a smile, a pun that knocks two doses of penicillin out of me, and a tale of Mill(?) Road being closed by Police swarming over an abandoned car. If humans were rational animals, they'd realise that the traffic in this town is a good sign that it's time to stop driving. Ah well, I have food now.
Also just got a spam inviting me to "be romantic... kiss in public". Umm... this classifies as romantic? I thought it was fairly standard behaviour... or am I just some unknowing, renegade romantic corrupting british public morals?
Oh, and my new coat turned up. 'Tis nice and warm :)
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Gods, but I'm writing a load of pointless waffle in here... scary how LJ can induce you to throw your shallowest thoughts out to the world... or is it just that I'm worried to put the deep ones in here? Not that tonsillitis and deep thoughts mix well...
And just what *was* the point of this post, anyway?
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Yes, so 3 posts in a day is getting silly, you can probably guess from this that I'm:
a) Feeling sufficiently better to be very getting fed-up of sitting around.
b) Not quite well enough to be back at work or doing much of interest.
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