January 25th, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

January 25th, 2002

IPP Update

Phase 1 complete.

On the human side... feeling very urgh, there are things going on in my stomach I'd rather not know about; however the rest of me is recovering well; just a touch tired. Oh, and bored witless.
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IP5: that's enough for now.

Right... IP5 User auth system works, counter works, journal display works. That'll do for my first assault on the project; now I can sit back and think about how to make the rest of it work, drop some notes into the developer's journal there, and relax a bit; just had a call to say valkyriekaren is coming over to assuage my boredom, and I'm feeling better, so things are looking up. More penguin-bashing in a week or so, perhaps.
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