January 29th, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

January 29th, 2002


I have got a *serious* motivation problem going on here. And it's a long entryCollapse )
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Furry Anthem?

Rammstein - Tier - furry anthem or what? ;)

(yes, I'm in an evil mood)
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Ouch, and indeed f*ck

I just crashed my bike. Into the arse-end of a Landrover Discovery that decided to stop dead in front of me. I slammed the wheel into his bumper, bent my forks by the look of it, flipped over the top of the handlebars, slid down the back of the car and landed in a confused and pissed-off heap in the road. Driver of said car can be assumed not to have noticed a thing as he just drove off.

I'm annoyed but not seriously hurt; seemed to take all the damage (apart from the forks) in my right forearm, which is somewhat bruised.

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Against my better judgement

I'm a Dentist For Robots. I clean their shiny metal teeth after they've bitten through our puny egglike skulls.
I also sold my family for food rations and know I'll be killed in some unconvincing but messy plot twist. Shit.

Take the "What Job Would I Have In A Robot Dominated Hell-Future" test today!

Please note that no lemurs were harmed in the taking of this test

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