January 30th, 2002


Feels like internal bruising

Still not sure exactly how the crash happened yesterday, or what I landed on (quite possibly, my handlebars), but my guts are *sore*. Might be a side effect of the penicillin - only one of the bastards left, thank Gaia, as I nearly choked on this morning's
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And on a brighter note...

What, exactly, is civilisation attempting to achieve? Better standards of living? A more sustainable life? Personal gain at the expense of all others? Or a scenario where we can all feel we're clawing our way up on each other like rats in a pit, a heaving mass of humanity all seeking protection from a misunderstood "them", xenophobic and vicious in the extreme? Is "the common good" really a concept with any validity, or is the mob just happy to take an ever-increasing beating so long as it thinks that those that dare stick out from it and challenge the status-quo will be beaten harder than they?
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(no subject)

Just walked home in light rain... very refreshing & relaxing, I should do it more often.

No, I'm not being sarky, although to be picky I could have done with fewer pavement-cyclists.
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