February 2nd, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

February 2nd, 2002


I'm just collecting damage at the moment... my bike's forks and front mech, various bruised parts of me, a keyboard that keeps doubling or skipping "n"'s (having given me about 7 years of sterling service, admittedly), LJ's getting sulky, and now mozilla keeps crashing and forgetting which links I've visited (which is a PITA in LJ as I have to remember how many comments were on each item last time I looked). Oh and my bookmarks are going foo, too.

Yeah, it's all minor stuff, even all added together, it's just weird when it all comes at once. And I'm not whining, I just have to go annd do some retail therapy (which I keep swearing I'll stop doing). But first I have to take a bath and get ready to meet and old friend.
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