February 5th, 2002


Ça roule!

Finally, I'm back on the road, My bike, re-forked and re-braked, is again roadworthy and active. The freedom of being able to move fast under my own power, to match the traffic, draws me back to what I wrote a couple of years ago:Collapse )
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Getting "nc=#" back, and some style niceties

With ref to this news article - I've gathered the core info from there and added an idea of my own:

The quick way (no fussing with templates): in Modify Journal put this (all of it) in the "overrides" box at the bottom:

FRIENDS_TALK_READLINK=><B><A HREF="%%urlread%%&nc=%%messagecount%%">%%messagecount%% repl%%mc-plural-ies%%</A></B> |

Or for added visibilty, something like:

FRIENDS_TALK_READLINK=><B><A class="msgcount" HREF="%%urlread%%&nc=%%messagecount%%">%%messagecount%% repl%%mc-plural-ies%%</A></B> |

and add this:

a.msgcount:link {
color: %%color:page_text_em%%;

to the stylesheet section of your template, in Edit Style
Or if you don't want to edit a style, and you use "generator" for your friends page, try my style 56379 instead - if it'll let you use someone else's style. Now your "unread comments" links will appear in the "Emphasis colour" you've defined in "Modify Journal".

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