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February 8th, 2002

The public is not fooled

When did one man last gain so much hatred as Ariel Sharon?

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Being run over is selfish - official

Just in case I wasn't feeling enough contempt and loathing for our government today, the DTLR comes out with a press release that sets new lows in victim-blaming. NEW ADVERT TARGETS AT-RISK TEENAGERSCollapse )
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Just call me Martin Guerre

A uniquely shallow goth dilemna...

Just found some nice boots to buy online, so I thought I'd check my shoes to see what size I need - sadly for a goth I only have 2 pairs of boots, but when you throw in shoes and trainers I start looking like Imelda Marcos. And I find that I have the following sizes (Men's Euro):


Now, faced with that data, how the hell am I supposed to order online?
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