February 19th, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

February 19th, 2002

Face it, work sucks

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You may have guessed I was bored

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Things, or possibly stuff

Paid Barclaycard Bill
Amazon order still waiting for one book
Made an optician's appointment... for March 9th
Masterloan haven't cashed my cheque yet
Updated my friends page to handle 30 items/page, which gives me about 24 hours to a view
Work not happening
Don't know if I'll go the Calling
Still the prettiest ;)
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It gets further from likelihood every day, but if the UK were to assemble a constitution, what would you want to see in it?

Personally, and in no particular order:

  • Freedom of religion (including a total separation of church and state)
  • Equal rights for all forms of cohabitation among consenting adults
  • Rights of privacy
  • Guaranteed rights to peaceful protest
  • Transparent, accountable and open government
(as well as other rights as listed in the UDHR.)

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