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March 1st, 2002

This space intentionally left blank

(Catches LogJam trying to make his post friends-only again and thwaps it)

Since I'm in an ironic mood, and would hate to bring the wrath of aegidian down on me, herewith the schedule.

Tonight - lift down to london with djm4, thence Liquid Lounge

Saturday: morning, afternoon : [blank]. Evening: Garlic & ghouls, or summat, for adjectivemarcus' birthday.

Sunday: [blank] Or train back to cambs, depending on scheduling

Monday: Early morning drive back to cambs, or [blank]. Linux programming course at work all week. Today, I *WILL GET AN EARLY NIGHT! HONEST!

(ok, the [blank] theme is looking tenuous)

Tuesday: Calling or CCC meeting in the evening

Wednesday: [BLANK]! A *real* one!!!! Gungriffon Blaze is likely to be invoked.

Thursday: [BLANK]! A *real* one again !!!!!! Some light reading perhaps?

Friday: KSR in the evening, probably.

Saturday: Lie-in. Optician. Otherwise [blank]

Sunday: More [blank]. Work on IPP perhaps? D'oh forgot the CCC bike ride!

Which all goes to prove that my life's far from blank, even in my pseudo-mono state (and I've not even scheduled time with Karen in there)

At no point in this week will I be repeating the Milligan Joke.


QOTD Let's have a whip-round! And then collect some money!
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Suddenly overheard from across the cubicle:

<colleague>It'd be like having sex in a hammock</colleague>

Not entirely sure what that's about.
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