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March 5th, 2002

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I'm supposed to be doing 2 things tonight - going to the Cambridge Cycling Campaign meeting and going to The Calling, the local goth night. But I'm just so mentally overloaded right now that a quiet night in doing the laundry seems a good alternative. This is unfortunate since I keep missing The Calling, but I really think I need the time off. Yes, theoretically there's Wednesday and Thursday, but they *will* mysteriously vanish and I can't keep putting off "me-time".
This is all down, of course, to my accelerating social life - knowing that there are a surprising (to me anyway) number of people who, well, fancy me, and that many of them want to do intense and fascinating things to me. I'm kind of grasping at my latest amazon order (which may have turned up today) to explain some of this - well reading that's going to account for another night this week - but it all requires quite an adjustment of mindset.
Which isn't to say that my only interest in these people is carnal - many of them I'd particularly like to know as friends, but even this takes a lot of time and can be quite hectic. Time to relax, or lie back and think of England.

And the linux course is re-starting now, so that's it for this entry.
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