March 6th, 2002


Damn those alcopops!

Well, despite fears, the new venue for the Calling seems pretty good, with a few reservations. One is that they don't open on time. Another is that drinks are pricey. And thirdly, the disco lights suck. We're goths damnit, we don't need no steenking lights!
Oh and I got hammered again. One pint of Strongbow while we waited for the Kambar to open, then 3 or 4 Smirnoff Ices, and all tact had completely left; ISTR I was generally ogling male arses, and telling one poor sod, after extensive consumer testing, that he had NO ARSE. Ooops.
Left shortly after midnight to attempt to regain control of my tact and sexuality, and to get enough sleep to keep me going through the Linux course. A very enjoyable evening, despite my reluctance to go out; thanks nisaba and valkyriekaren for persuading / organising me sufficiently to go out.
And so to work, with black nail polish but no hangover.
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Evidently there are lamers out there, no doubt hugely pleased with their pitiful selves, who somehow feel it useful of them to browse various goths/polys journals and anonymously attack them. I've yet to have one on my own journal but the trend is evident, so I'm turning off anonymous comments. If I know you, you don't have an LJ account, and you'd like to be able to comment on anything I say, email me and I'll send you an account creation code; I've got about a dozen going spare, which is oddly fitting.
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