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March 11th, 2002


Mondays all suck, badly. The weekend was a bit of a roller-coaster, but mainly in my own head. I got diagnosed with excess horniness, drooled over various persons of various genders, and felt generally mind-fucked as I do when my bisexuality pushes to the fore. I was very tense after the week's training course and was a bit short with valkyriekaren, which is a Bad Thing. Which isn't to say that we didn't enjoy ourselves over the weekend, merely that I'm not best pleased with myself. Still, she did seem pleased with her new book.
Had my contact-lens evaluation on Saturday; got generally poked at and left the optician looking slightly confused as to why anyone with such an incredibly slight vision flaw as myself would even bother with contacts; answer: when you spend 10 hr/s day staring at a screen or reading, it adds up. Plus the letters stay still when I can see them sharply.
Saturday night was the high-point, with me perking alarmingly at the Wasp Factory gig; hats off to eviltwinemma for organisng one hell of a night. Great night, and I got pissed again; it's getting habit-forming.
Finally ordered the new sofa on Sunday; so I have two armchairs to dump this week.
And now it's Monday; and I'm at work, feeling curiously un-refreshed by the weekend; I might have to take the next one easy to make up for this. Other future points: back to the optician on Tuesday lunch to pick up contacts for evaluation, Sofa delivery next Monday, and evidently I must go to Linton Zoo at some point.
Oh, and Homebase's rope selection is sadly lacking.
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Having updated my friends list again, my friends page of 30 items now covers about 12 hours.

Update: Erm, nope, make that 6 hours.
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