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March 12th, 2002

So what *am* I acheiving?

(Workwise, very little so far today, although I think I'm chipping away at that motivation problem)

Personally: my self-confidence and satisfaction are at an all-time high, thanks mainly to valkyriekaren, but also by many friends, many of whom who seem determined to fuel my vanity.
Sexuality-wise; generally I'm happy with my bi-status, but can still get very nervous when it looks like I might actually have to *do* something genuinely bi- or poly-. So if I do start gibbering at you, please be patient with me.
Religiously / philosophically? This aspect of personal development is on something of a go-slow; I can still class myself as "solitary pagan" but the next step is unclear.
Professionally? Well this job can really seem to suck at times, but I think that just means that it's about time I held it down and punched it in the throat a few times, until I've gotten control of it.
Relationships: A very strong one with valkyriekaren is a great aspect of my life, but I should really branch out a bit lest I look over-dependent. Problem is, believe it or not, that I'm still actually quite shy in such things. I need to advance very carefully, and with conscious choice, on this front.
Financially? Comfortably well-off; I can afford to do most of what I want; whether spending quite this much on rent is sensible is another matter, but it gives me a solid base to work from.
Mentally? My mood's still quite variable, but the mean point seems to be fairly up, and the crashes less frequent.
Health? Pretty good; a balanced diet and plenty of sleep are keeping me functional. I still need to be *very* careful about eating times though, especially when I'm out.
Hobbies? Still not happening. Oh well.
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fscking contact bl**dy lenses

Just popped down to vision express to pick up a contact lens evaluation pack (had the initial appointment on Saturday). And I've *finally* (having lost 2 of them) managed to get the bloody things in, but initial evaluation conclusion is "These things are a pain in the arse".
All down to technique, I suppose.
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