April 3rd, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

April 3rd, 2002

Enough Already!

There is a limit to how much bullshit you can see going on in the world around you and still care about any of it.

Updated for no apparent reason other than curiosity.
Yep, I can be obscure too.
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Just another of those days when I want to fold in on myself and vanish.

Update: Rammstein is starting to have something of a positive effect. Various low-grade bickering is still having a negative one.
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Got a Yahoo! account?
Then you really want to read this
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Can someone give me a damn good reason...

... why it isn't Friday yet?
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Christian Right vs Human Rights

In case you don't read adjectivemarcus' journal:
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... is innnnnnnteresting ;)
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