April 8th, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

April 8th, 2002


Our new web proxy blocks adverts but not Dilbert... 'tis a good sign ;)

Shortly after:
I have left my cafetierre at home and am thus sentenced to company coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well here's a new one...

Winamp now ignores any clicks on the "pause" button, or taps on the 'C' key - and brings up a file dialogue in response to "play" requests.

Any ideas?
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Somewhat uneased and disturbed...
Ok, that was bad phrasing. What I meant was that this made me instinctivly uneasy, but also made me think.
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... I hate being grown up. This time the thought was sparked by prowling around the DTLR site, finding http://www.roads.dtlr.gov.uk/roadsafety/moped/index.htm , and noting once more that'd I'd planned to learn to ride, and obtain, a motorcycle this year. But that means: finding the time to learn, digging into my savings to pay for it - and that's supposed to be my mortgage downpayment at some point - then tests, insurance, keeping the thing secure (no garage here), and so on. And the mortgage thoughts lead to the "how long should I stay here, am I overspending?" thought chain.
Bleagh. Life was so much simpler when I was a kid. Being mature and responsible sucks.
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Random IRC exit tag

([BX] Now she knows why her cat stays away from me! DAMNIT!)

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It breeds. It must. I've just spent *another* evening sorting heaps of paper and trying to get my life into order. But now I've just about got it - I have a *small* heap of "things to deal with", a larger heap of "things to read" (comprising about 3 months worth of various magazines etc) and pretty much everything else filed.
If I find any more random heaps around the flat, I shall freak. But maybe by taking some time to deal with this, I can get it all sorted, and feel far more organised.
Until the next batch drops through the letterbox.
Must decide whether to go to bicon, sign up to my alumni groups, and write the letter for the french bank. The end is in sight. So's Whitby. Eeeeeep.

Update: AARRRRRRRRggggghhhhhhh I'm supposed to be updating my CV and replying to the recruiter and sorting out my qualifications and updating my IEE status. *collapse*

Still, it could be worse... I could be genuinely poly and have to learn to schedule... *recollapse*
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