April 9th, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

April 9th, 2002

Slept like shit again last night; didn't actually get to bed until 11 or so - one of those "too tired/bored/lethargic to actually go to bed" nights.

Amused this morning to see the AA/DIY advert featuring the whinging woman at the traffic lights. It's been revoiced (in the woman's voice again), to the theme of "DIY's wonderful, it's cheaper than getting it done for you, etc etc, if only it was like insurance where it's cheaper to pay someone to do it". It clashes massively with the pictures.

Being in a pissy mood I'm not going to avoid noting that the AA are a bunch of two-faced bastards.
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...left coffeemaker at home again...
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Noch 'was geeklich

Is using a cookie to force a webcounter to return 304 for an hour too much of a kludge?
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