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May 7th, 2002


Didn't get the best night sleep last night... valkyriekaren still has a nasty cough which woke us both up a bit (her rather more than me, I suspect) and I was still buzzing from some very intense sex. Walked her back to the Grafton this morning, set off on my bike, got half way around the Queen Elizabeth roundabout and lost all drive... great place to be stuck with no motive power. Managed to cruise to the pavement and reset the chain (yep, gunge everywhere)... what fun.

Work seems a bit surreal this morning... can't quite work out why, although I've already threatened a colleague with a pork & apple baguette. And I've just been formally told "you've got 5 more days holiday than you thought". Again. They've lost 5 days from last year and decided to carry it over for me. I've already tried once this year to tell them I took it already, but they won't listen...

And the weekend?Collapse )
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... is just one long sequence of mental burnout and information overload. And that's before you start trying to do anything constructive.

PS Anyone know if/when Whitby 9.5 tickets are available?
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Still not feeling incredibly productive at work - too tired and cold for that. Have a doc's appt soon, would rather be asleep in bed.
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Oh yuh...

Sent off a BiCon form this morning. Will be sending off for Whitby tickets tomorrow.

Just got back from the doc's (it's very hot & busy on the roads). Apparently my memory and vocabulary problems are also stress-related, but should improve now.
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"Racist jokes are great a safety valve. They help us get rid of Tory politicians." - Ivor Dembina

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