May 8th, 2002



Puncture. Again. In the rear wheel of the Terratrax, so I took the Rockhopper to work instead, and realised that yes, it does take more drive than the other. Also took far too much faffing to get the saddle height right - I should have marked it.

Thus, got to work at 0935.

The bikes are provisionally named Truth (the Red Terratrax) and Fiction (the Blue Rockhopper), because apparently Bikes Are Supposed To Have Names. Fiction gives a smoother ride but Truth gets you there faster; debates on which is actually stranger continue.

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Pizza. Salad. Wine. Wheeeeeeee...

Ah well, fixed bike. And one of these days I'll put the tyre back on the right way around.

Impressive zero-response to the new email addy on commune. Ah well. Maybe they're just used to me now ;)

Coding practice

Just so I can still claim to write perl, and since you wondered

This is the RGB-average colour of the proposed EU flag

This is the CIEXYZ-average colour of the proposed EU flag

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