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May 14th, 2002

Can I just say...

<lj-cut> ?


This has been a public subtlety announcement ;)
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The gov't seems determined to promote social exclusion and waste public money on this one. Having heard the article on "Today" (and that show annoys the hell out of me), it's clear that they're calling this an experiment because they expect it to fail.

Let's guess who they'll blame it on.


U (unrelated): Some can still dream:
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Anonymous SMS text-flirting


If you want to tell me something, say it. I don't like anonymous pseudo-spam on my phone.

Then again, this could just be pure spam, or the sender may not be reading this, or whatever. But it's getting repetetive.
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More News Weirdity


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News again

Schools demand 'biblical right to smack children'


ECHR at: http://www.hri.org/docs/ECHR50.html
(cf UDHR at http://www.hri.org/docs/UDHR48.html )

As I see it, it's Article Five of the ECHR (Security of Person) vs Article Nine (Freedom of Thought and Religion). When articles clash in this way, Article 17 is invoked:

Nothing in this Convention may be interpreted as implying for any State, group or person any right to engage in any activity or perform any act aimed at the destruction on any of the rights and freedoms set forth herein or at their limitation to a greater extent than is provided for in the Convention.

U (Unrelated) : Linguistic Minefield:
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