May 17th, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

May 17th, 2002

Talk among yourselves...

Gay adoption



I'd make comments myself but I'm having a Bad Luser Day.
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If you've got an MS Passport/Hotmail Account...

You'll want to read this

(At least I think Passport covers Hotmail too?)
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Oh those wacky Brits!

You may prefer to cringe now to save time.


It's a sunny Friday afternoon, and the weblogs for my site are scrolling rapidly past with people searching for organised bike rides ;)

Yeah, ok, y'all can stop playing silly buggers with my weblogs now :p
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Exact quotes from the office:

A) "Yes, but have you ever *used* an upper-case teaspoon?"

B) "Upper-case teaspoon? Wassat look like?"

C) "Upper-case teaspoon? That's a tablespoon then"
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