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May 30th, 2002

Asylum a non-issue?

The UK has a population of 60 million. Annual influx of asylum seekers and refugees is around 70 thousand. That's about 0.1% . And yet these people are treated as "Britain's biggest problem", kicked around as a "political football", victimising them for votes. The very language of the debate is inherently xenophobic, talking of the "asylum-seeker problem", and denying both their human rights and our national duty to take in refugees.

Now I'm not going to say that we need to have a totally "open door" policy, as I've not studied the issues this would lead to, but to claim that we need either a crackdown or the proposed isolationist policies is absurd. It would be a welcome change to see politicians concentrate on real issues, and not pander to (and augment) the xenophobic minority.

In other news, have left all my UK banknotes in the wrong pair of jeans. Having 50-odd euros really doesn't help with lunch :/ Mope levels are down, too, thanks in no small measure to Karen *hugs*
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SMS Spam... it gets worse

"Reply with your name and gender (eg 18M) to win a TV"
(this message has been translated into english)


On another note, I seem to be losing my ability to spell. Anyone got any cunning ideas on how I can get it back?

Productivity today isn't great, but motivation seems to be there; I just seem to be getting a lot of LJ and email traffic to keep me busy.
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