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June 17th, 2002



Yesterday was spent mainly at the Company of Cyclists' 'Try-Out Show', mainly taking pictures, but also riding a couple of bikes. Unfortunately, on of the 'trick bikes' got the better of me, and I (suspect that I) re-opened a stomach tear. It hurt like hell for a while, but seems OK now. This was the guilty bike:

But on a lighter note, captions please...Collapse )

More pictures here:

ARGH! I've left my Cafetierre at home again!
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"Snoop" vote postponed

Plans to extend surveillance of e-mail and telephone records have been postponed at the last minute amid growing concern from MPs about the invasion of privacy.

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Fucked off

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So; I've spent the vast majority of the evening fixing bike tyres and adding captions to my pictures from the try-out show:

Now I get to do washing up. Rock and Roll.
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