July 24th, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

July 24th, 2002

Really don't feel like eye-candy. Wish I did.

PCs all work
Flat tidy
CV with just about every job site and recruitment agency of relevance
Getting occasional calls, but much of it's embedded or similar
Going very stale - hadn't been out all day, just went for a walk for some air. I think I'll try and get out for most of tomorrow.

Been reading up a bit, too; mainly SQL today. PSP should be next.

Would really like to say something positive here, or at least use some pronouns...

Need to get to see people, really, but Calling at the Kambar really wasn't the right situation. KSR might be a better bet. Not really feling 100%, still a bit up and down and mentally all-over-the place. Essentially, my self-confidence isn't what it should be. I seem to need a break, and a job, at once.
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Damnit, but I love the Barcadi Breezer ads ;)
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