August 3rd, 2002


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You've really got to love a metabolism that makes you throw up if you stay in bed after 10 am...
(and that's not just when I've been drinking, it's daily. It used to be 8 am, but that much at least, has improved).

So: awake, but somewhat tired. Time to think what to do today - options on KSR, parties, etc, depending on how much energy I recover.

(any apparent disruptions to my chain of thought here are due to gyroplanes on the TV, not Brian Molko. Weird and wonderful beasties)

Strange how therapeutic LJ can be... just getting my thoughts in order can really help, make me feel more alert and organised... you may notice that my posts often start at "urgh" and end up more positive.

Anyway. Clothes, lunch, town. Or some such order. And some mild considerations of whether to start looking at the London job market.

Read part of Cryptonomicon earlier, too. Good book, very amusing.

Will wake up now, honest.
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happily dopey quasi-perk

Simple pleasures; went out, had lunch at Gardi's, swapped a CD at HMV (picked up the wrong one previously) and picked up a couple of magazines in Borders. Wandered into Games & Puzzles for a while and boggled at Beyblades. Thence to the KSR for a few hours, cider, black and pool (played several games without humiliating myself or doing particularly well). Enjoyed the company of friends; the ladies looking delightful as ever, and one of the bois was fairly cute too ;)

Now, dinner I suppose; doesn't look like I'll make it to the party tonight, but then I should have some energy for tomorrow.

Life ain't bad, really.

*hugs random people*