August 6th, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

August 6th, 2002


I appear to have tonsilitis again; I'll get a medical opinion on this shortly, but I'm fairly sure I recognise the symptoms.

Plus my eyes are extremely sore... if I do make it to the Calling - which suddenly looks rather less likely - I shall probably be doing the moaning zombie corpse look :/

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Feeling better

Doc reckons it's too early to tell if it's tonsilitis or just something viral; the prognosis is to take it easy, gargle with aspirin and take fluids; if it gets worse and more obviously tonsilitis, she'll prescribe antibiotics if I call.

It's certainly feeling somewhat better, throat's still sore but I'm feeling more alert, less likely to throw up etc. So, I'll have some soup for lunch and rest, and with any luck manage an appearance later.
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