September 2nd, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

September 2nd, 2002


But hey, I'm unemployed, why do I care? Because this is the point at which I feel completely pointless; I should be working, doing something useful, but that alternative's not really there. So instead it's cleaning out the fridge, and work on IP5 (with no idea if anyone will ever use it). Yes, I have to call QXL and Technical Recruitment, but that's hardly going to fill a week. I'll check a couple of jobsites, and I've got the interview tomorrow; I should hear from Unity at some point too.

Why is so hard to get started with anything, when you have so little to do?
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Surprise inspection

Bloody hell... quarter to 9 at night, and he just wanders in, strolls around the place casting a critical glance at everything in sight (although he didn't seem to object to anything particularly). Then he heads off to the back of the flat, ignoring my complaints.

And then...Collapse )
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In Print?

So Kitty's got into an O'Reilly. Of which I am jealous. Apparently I've made it into a Mick Mercer, for which I am shamed, and Cycling Plus, by which I am amused. And the local paper a couple of times, IIRC. And possibly The Times, once. I think that's it...

So... has anyone else got their name (or more commonly, URL) anywhere interesting?
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