September 14th, 2002



Being back in work (and 5 miles out of town) means I have to do my shopping on the weekend... so that was today - went down to Mike's Bikes on Mill Road, but they didn't have their high-power lights in stock yet for this winter, so wandered over to Howes (assuming they'd have much the same situation), but they had a decent cateye system (this one) for 60 quid, so I picked that up. Then on to Borders, where I met a partially-dead nevla and had a quick coffee, then picked up a copy of The Devil's Dictionary and went into Carphone Warehouse to look at the 7650. Not bad, but 200 quid to upgrade? I'll have to think about that.

Then... I had to go buy a suit. Yes, I've become a complete CorpWhoreGoth. But that doesn't matter, 'cos I can make a suit look sexy ;) (not that I've managed to take a pic that proves this, unfortunately). I have, however, managed to take a pic of my bike, which now looks absurdly overgadgeted, mainly due to the overly-complex mounting system for the lights and switch unit.

Now to KSR for booze, and Gardi's for a kebab.