September 17th, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

September 17th, 2002

Perhaps unsurprisingly...

...there's not much left of a Sigg bottle after it falls under a double decker.

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What the fuck *is* the point of car alarms? They must have a false-alarm rate of 99%...

My dad appears to have been buying wine for me on its goth level. I am now, alongside my pepperoni pizza and greek salad, drinking a delicious "Cahors Fleur Noire 2000". Wonderful stuff.

Work... well - it's a great job for me; a combination of sysadmin and web developer. However, getting back to the 9 to 5 (or, in this case, the 9:30 to 6) is a bit of an adjustement; cycling 10 miles a day is doing wonders for me, but is tiring, and working in a small company is a new, if enjoayble experience. I'd really like to stick with this place, but that requires that we get a steady stream of commisions, so if you know anyone who needs a site done, point them to http://www.unityworks.co.uk/ . Seriously.

The wine's gettng to my fingers now; I won't be at this Calling as I've not yet got smoothly enough into the Unity groove to sacrfice that much energy to clubbing, but I hope I'll be at the next one. In the meantime I'm going to finish my dinner, watch the Simpsons, and enjoy this fantastic, goth wine.
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