October 1st, 2002 - Grin with cat attached — LiveJournal

October 1st, 2002


1) Am still off work, ill. In the "completely devoid of energy and my muscles feel like lead" way, rather than the "internal organ error" way

2) valkyriekaren is also still off sick, and is sitting on the floor playing Rayman and saying "lum" a lot.

3) Feeling very light-headed and unco-ordinated

4) Despite the above, the cycling is starting to show, although valkyriekaren tells me that the resultant muscle development is moving me from "androgyne" to "butch". Not sure this is a good thing.

5) Am very tempted to direct any *.gov/*.mil visitors to my site to this page

6) Feeling a definite lack of enthusiasm for Whitby.

7) Fed up of being ill :/
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I ws told, some time back, that the US govt hadn't paid its UN dues in about 10 years. Does anyone know if they've yet done this, and if not, how long it's been since they paid up?
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