October 4th, 2002



Yeah, ok, so I probably tempted fate with my last tooled-up bikey post. Tonight, I got as far as Park Street, and the rear wheel started going schelpschlepschlep... I stopped to check it out, and found the inner tube poking out of a hole in the tyre, which was periodically bashing against the brake block.

At about that point, I decided riding any further was going to be a Bad Idea. Since the rear wheel exploded when I'd pushed it about 10 metres (scared the &*#@ out of a passing ped), this was probably a good call. Unfortunately, this left me outside the ADC at 6:15pm with full panniers and one hell of a push home. Got home completely knackered.

I think it's time I stopped putting cheap parts on that bike.

Rest of the day was fine; I swapped desks at work, which has got me into the office proper (as opposed to being around the corner) and neccessitated the construction of another cat 5 cable. The leatherman (rediscovered last night) proved far better at cable stripping than the cat 5 tool; proving its worth already.

Also got some geek cred by fixing the boss' email, most of the rest of the day was mundane stuff including downloading / burning more debian isos.

My eyes, however, are knackered. They were badly bloodshot this morning, and haven't felt good all day. I did find that my monitor had been running at 75Hz, and upped that to 85Hz, so we'll see how that helps.

Now I'm just going to relax. Whether that includes the KSR is as yet to be decided.